• Pilates
Do you want to improve your posture, stability, coordination, and breathing? Then pilates is the ideal workout for you. It strengthens and stretches multiple muscle groups at the same time in order to create a lean, flexible and strong body.

• Kickboxing Punching Bag Workout
Pushing yourself to the limits on a daily basis to build up your physical condition while improving your kickboxing skills? This heavy bag workout will definitely help you do that! It delivers amazing benefits of a full-body aerobic workout, creating a defined muscular body. In addition, you are also training your self-defense skills. This workout is done on a punching bag, so no physical contact.

• Technical Kickboxing Training
During the technical kickboxing training, we work together on advanced skills, combination exercises, and sparring drills. The focus is on improving your punching and kicking technique, strength and endurance. Although it is a technical training, it will give you a complete cardio workout.

• Bootcamp
Strengthening your muscles, improving muscle condition and feeling fitter overall? This program is designed to build strength and fitness through a variety of exercises. Bootcamp training contains dynamic running and stretching, interval training including weight/object lifting, push-ups, sit-ups, and other various explosive routines. After every workout, you will feel stronger and fitter than ever!

Depending on the weather, the classes will be given inside or outside.

• Punching Bag Bootcamp
A combination of boxing, building strength and working up a sweat! This punching bag workout combined with our boot camp will help you push your limits and shred fat like crazy!

• SuperMama – (Post)Maternal Exercise
When you are pregnant or have just given birth it could be a challenge to find a suitable exercise program. Most workouts are too heavy or you might not know what to do. We offer special training for new or future moms under the guidance of an expert. This workout can prevent complications during and after pregnancy. And you are free to bring your baby with you!

• Boxing
This boxing training is designed to help you build total-body muscle and improve coordination and speed. We will use arms and core, focus on punching but no kicking included.
This workout is done on a punching bag, so no physical contact.